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Start of Appointment

CDC laboratory researchers

Image courtesy of CDC

Once a CDC mentor has selected a candidate for a project, there are several steps that need to be completed before the candidate can begin the appointment.

The CDC’s Human Capital Resource Management Office (HCRMO) must approve all candidates for ORISE appointments. The mentor and program coordinator are responsible for submitting the necessary paperwork to HCRMO. Candidates may not begin ORISE appointments earlier than the start date approved by HCRMO, nor may they continue past the approved end date without an approved extension (see Renewal of Appointment). HCRMO will notify ORISE of the approved start date, end date, and stipend rate for approved candidates.

The CDC program coordinator is responsible for sending ORISE a Selection Form (PDF) for each selected candidate, which specifies the funds which will cover the costs of the appointment. 

Once ORISE has received HCRMO approval of the candidate, the Selection Form, and has confirmed the availability of the specified funds, we will send the candidate an appointment letter. All candidates must receive an appointment letter from ORISE before their first day of participation to ensure that they will be eligible to receive a stipend.

All participants are required to have health insurance in place no later than the first day of the appointment.

Candidates who are not U.S. citizens or Lawful Permanent Residents must also consult with ORISE immigration staff to ensure that they have the authorizations necessary for participation before beginning their appointments.

ORISE will need the following items before activating stipend payments. Some of these items may be submitted directly by the program, but it is ultimately the candidate’s responsibility to ensure ORISE has received them:

  • signed appointment letter and Terms of Appointment
  • all other forms and documents included in the appointment packet
  • ORISE Application
  • current résumé
  • official transcript showing most recent degree
  • two references from persons familiar with your professional qualifications (including a reference from a current or past faculty member if possible)
  • verification of current health insurance

Finally, the program coordinator will certify the date upon which the candidate began participation. Once all of these steps are complete, ORISE will begin stipend payments.