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How to Renew a Participant

ORISE appointments are made for a maximum of one year at a time. Appointments may be extended in increments of up to one year, contingent upon project needs and funding availability. For those who have a bachelor’s degree or higher at the start of the appointment, participation is limited to a total of five years from the initial start date, inclusive of breaks. An undergraduate student may remain in the program for a total of four years while obtaining a bachelor’s degree. Once the bachelor’s degree is conferred, the individual is eligible for up to five additional years calculated from the new post-bachelor’s appointment start date.

An extension is initiated by the mentor. A mentor who wishes to extend a participant’s appointment should contact their CDC Program Coordinator for information on the internal CDC processes that need to be completed for an extension. Once ORISE has received approval of the extension from CDC’s Human Capital Resource Management Office, and any necessary funding information, we will send the participant a letter with the new appointment end date and any changes to the stipend level.

Participants are required to submit progress reports to ORISE at the time of extension. They should send their ORISE point of contact a one- to two-page report describing their educational experiences of the past year, and the research and learning goals they hope to achieve during the extension period.