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Criteria and Ratings for Applications


Criteria, in order of importance:

  • Relevance and intrinsic merit of the research: The relevance and quality of the proposed research project, as described in the Research Project Proposal Form, to the DHS Center's goals and one of the DHS Research Areas. Funding is limited and will be directed to the highest priority research needs.
  • Faculty applicant qualifications: Evidence of the researcher's skills, experience, and past accomplishments that demonstrate the capability to participate in a DHS S&T Office of University Programs research program.
  • Student applicant qualifications: The overall qualifications of the student applicant(s). Evidence of their interest and willingness to contribute to the success of the team as demonstrated in their essay responses.
  • Academic benefit: The overall academic benefit to the faculty applicant and his/her institution as described by the applicant.


Overall Ratings:

  • Excellent: A comprehensive and thorough application of exceptional merit, with numerous strengths and no major weaknesses.

  • Very Good: An application that demonstrates overall competence and is worthy of support. However, the application has a few minor weaknesses.

  • Good: An application with a reasonable sound response. There are more strengths than weaknesses.

  • Fair: An application with strengths and weaknesses approximately equal. However, as a whole, weaknesses are not offset by strengths.

  • Poor: An application with serious deficiencies and should not be supported. There are numerous weaknesses and few strengths.