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Need PACs for a Chemical?

To date, the PAC/TEEL data set provides values for over 3,000 chemicals. Periodically, a chemical without an AEGL, ERPG, or TEEL value is found to be produced or stored in quantities that could cause an acute inhalation hazard, requiring protection of the public or noninvolved workers in an emergency situation.  If such a concern exists, TEEL values should be developed for that chemical. To start this process, submit a request using the following form to obtain TEELs for a chemical of interest that is not currently in the PAC data set. Requested chemicals will be added to a list that is prioritized for TEEL development. Chemicals of critical importance will be given immediate attention.  

Using the form, please provide a list of the chemicals for which you are requesting TEELs. Include both the name and the Chemical Abstract Service Registry Numbers (CASRN) for each chemical (if a CASRN is available for a chemical it is important that it be provided). To include more than one chemical, press the "Add Another Chemical" button near the bottom of the form.

Request for TEEL Value Assignment
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To help prioritize the development of TEELs for the chemical you are proposing, please describe:

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