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Welcome to the ORISE Internship/Research Participation Programs at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

On this site you will find information about these educational and training programs, designed to engage students and recent graduates in the environmental research performed at EPA. Whether you are interested in joining the programs, are a current participant, or are an EPA employee sponsoring or mentoring participants, our site has valuable information for you. We welcome you to learn more about our programs by selecting the category that best describes you.

Dr. Bradley Miller

Research Profile - Dr. Bradley Miller

Dr. Bradley Miller graduated from the Virginia Tech Forestry Department, where he studied biogeochemistry and the long-term effects of fertilization on soil phosphorus pools. As part of the ORISE program at the EPA, he investigates arsenic bioavailability and bioaccessiblity in soils using synchrotron radiation and green chemistry. The goal of this research is to develop new, cost-effective remediation technologies. The ORISE program has allowed Bradley to learn how the use of state of the art technologies (like synchrotron radiation at the Advance Photon Source at Argonne National Labs) is improving our understanding of the consequences heavy metal contamination in soils and water poses to human health and ecosystem services. When asked what had been his favorite part of his time at EPA, he responded: “ALL OF IT!”

Caitlin Stormont

Research Profile - Caitlin Stormont

Caitlin Stormont received her bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from Juniata College before joining the ORISE programs at EPA. Caitlin is involved with the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Branch staff in maintaining a top-notch data system, conducting training and outreach to stakeholders, and implementing data through web-based publication tools. While in the program, Caitlin has gained a deeper understanding of environmental science through pursuit of the EPA mission to protect human health and the environment. Her favorite part of her time at EPA has been the opportunity to engage in supportive mentor/mentee relationships, which are intrinsic to the ORISE program. She finds the educational foundation of the program allows participants meaningful exposure to the scientific and professional talent at EPA.

Jacqueline Adams

Research Profile - Jacqueline Adams

Jacqueline Adams received her B.S. degree in Chemistry and Biology from Ripon College. While part of the ORISE program at EPA in the Great Lakes National Program Office, Jackie conducted Great Lakes monitoring and assisted in planning the State of the Lakes Ecosystem Conference. Highlights of her ORISE experience included getting out into the field to collect data for the long-term monitoring program aboard the Research Vessel Lake Guardian, and participating in habitat projects. She enjoyed being part of a team environment, where everyone has their own tasks and projects that are all woven together into a whole. Jackie is now employed as an Environmental Scientist at EPA, and serves as a program coordinator for current ORISE participants.