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How to Fund a Participant

Initial Funding

After you have received the Department of Energy (DOE)-approved ORISE proposal to sponsor one or more participants in the Internship/Research Participation Program, the next step is to submit a funding document (an Interagency Agreement or IA) to DOE. This indicates your formal acceptance of the proposal. You should allow approximately 4-5 weeks for the entire process to be completed. This time frame allows you to complete the internal EPA approval process for the IA and up to 10 days for DOE to approve the IA. Send the funding document directly to DOE and a copy to ORISE. DOE will send the signed originals back to EPA, following instructions provided by EPA when the IA was submitted.

After DOE approves the IA, you may appoint research participants to your program. You must send ORISE a completed Selection Form (PDF). The Selection Form identifies important information related to the appointment (researcher’s name, appointment location, brief description of research, starting date, monthly stipend, etc.). Upon receipt of this information, ORISE will send an appointment letter to the applicant.

The Funding Process

Complete IA

Send IA to DOE

IA is approved by ORISE and DOE

DOE returns signed copy to EPA

Funding MUST be approved before participant can begin

On-going Funding

After the initial funding is approved, additional funds may be sent at any time by submitting an IA to DOE; a new proposal is not necessary.