Postgraduate focuses energy efficiency efforts on global front

Graziella Siciliano
As a participant in the International Climate and Clean Energy Fellowship Program, Graziella Siciliano coordinates with 11 member countries on promoting the adoption of energy management systems in the industrial and commercial sectors.

Graziella Siciliano knew that the Office of International Climate and Clean Energy Fellowship Program would be the perfect means for her to gain hands-on experience and to make immediate contributions to climate change using her master’s degree in international energy policy and economics from Johns Hopkins University.

The ICCE Fellowship Program provides opportunities for graduates to support efforts related to the Clean Energy Ministerial, a high-level forum to promote policies and programs that advance clean energy technology. Program participants share lessons learned and best practices, and encourage the transition to a global, clean energy economy. ICCE is administered by ORAU through its contract to manage the U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education.

“This has been one of the greatest learning and personal growth experiences of my life,” Siciliano said. “I serve as the coordinator for a working group of 11 member countries focused on promoting the adoption of energy management systems in the industrial and commercial sectors. Our goal is to enhance industry uptake of energy efficiency measures and practices and to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.”

Through adopting more robust energy management practices, companies that are considered global leaders in energy efficiency and energy productivity have been able to achieve significant improvement in energy performance, she noted.

In her role as coordinator, Siciliano collaborates with government representatives from energy ministries in member countries to develop joint activities that will contribute to the reduction of global energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. She spends much of her time on the phone or glued to her email inbox when she isn’t traveling to conferences or workshops.

“On a typical day, I discuss improvements to the strategic direction of our efforts with a country member, collaborate with partners to execute project activities, reach out to new partners to explore opportunities for collaboration, and learn about new opportunities to make an impact,” she explained. “I have strengthened my ability to find areas of common ground among a diverse range of stakeholders and build strong partnerships to further project goals. I have also developed strong skills in project management, leadership and strategic planning.”

Siciliano looks to her future with the hopes of continuing down the path of energy efficiency with ICCE or with another multilateral forum to improve energy efficiency globally.