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  • How long is an IC Postdoc appointment?
    Appointments are for 24 months.
    The Program has the discretion to fund a third year, if outlined in the original submitted proposal. All extensions are based on available funding, the status of the Postdoc’s research, and its continued relevance to the Program’s research goals.
  • How is my stipend determined?
    Postdocs receive an annual stipend plus a stipend supplement to off-set the cost of health insurance, whether obtained through the Program or another source.
    Depending on location of the research facility, the Postdoc may receive a locality supplement based on the most recent OPM Locality Pay Tables.
  • Does the Program reimburse relocation expenses?

    If your permanent address is outside of a radius of 50 miles one way from your host facility, you will be reimbursed for limited inbound dislocation expenses not to exceed $3,500 which will be calculated using the following chart. This payment is considered taxable. Be sure to read the “Taxability of Stipends and Other Payments” section in the Terms of Appointment. Your dislocation allowance will be direct-deposited into your financial account and will be paid with your first stipend payment.

    Miles Rate
    51 to 500 $500.00
    501 to 1,000 $1,000
    1,001 to 1,500 $1,500
    1,501 to 2000 $2,000
    2,001 to 2,500 $2,500
    Over 2,500 $3,500