Nature of Appointment

A Postdoc is not an employee of ORISE, ORAU, the ODNI, the host facility, or any other office or agency. Instead, the individual has a “guest appointment” at the designated host facility and is affiliated with ORISE for the administration of the appointment through the ORISE Offer Letter and Terms of Appointment.

By accepting the Terms of Appointment, the individual agrees that the receipt of stipend payments shall not be construed as an employment relationship and acknowledges there are no employment-related benefits (such as paid vacations, sick pay, FMLA family leave, unemployment compensation, or worker's compensation) associated with this appointment.

The Postdoc must submit an annual research report prior to the end of each year. These reports summarize the research accomplishments during the appointment including publications, papers presented, conference participation, and other aspects of the appointment. If a Postdoc begins work after October in the year they receive the award, then a final report update will be required at the conclusion of the appointment as well. The release of the final stipend payment is contingent upon receipt of the final annual research report update by ORISE.

Responsibilities of the Postdoc:

  • Conduct two years of research on awarded topic
  • Coordinate with the Research Advisor and IC Advisor
  • Publish research results, as appropriate
  • Attend and present research results at the annual IC Academic Research Symposium
  • Acknowledge that the Program is an educational experience, not a condition of employment
  • Participate at the host facility during its normal operating hours
  • Observe and conform to all applicable rules, regulations, and requirements of the host facility including, but not limited to, those respecting environment, safety, security, operating and health physics procedures, drug-free workplace notification requirements and conduct
  • Recognize that participants do not “earn” medical leave or personal leave, although the host facility may permit occasional absences (e.g., sick days and days for personal business) without reduction of the stipend payment or termination of the appointment. All absences must be approved in advance by the Research Advisor.
  • Notify ORISE if there is a change in their current address, permanent address, phone number, or e-mail address

Postdocs should NOT:

  • Undertake activities that are reserved for federal employees
  • Supervise, appoint, mentor, evaluate, or assume any position of authority
  • Accept budget or program management authority, signature authority, official job titles, or function in any way as a representative of the federal government or their respective research facility, even if directed to by a responsible official

Responsibilities of the Research Advisor:

  • Arrange for the Postdoc to gain access to the facility, including an orientation to the facility and its procedures
  • Be on site the first day of the Postdoc’s appointment or designate a substitute to welcome the Postdoc
  • Develop a training plan for the participant, including the attendance in meetings, conferences, special courses, etc.
  • Provide appropriate materials, equipment, safety training, technical and clerical support, and office space for the Postdoc to conduct the research
  • Provide a nurturing and stimulating intellectual atmosphere for the Postdoc
  • Provide ongoing technical guidance and advice
  • Be accessible
  • Encourage the Postdoc to publish research findings
  • Approve appropriate absences by the Postdoc

Notify ORISE immediately if stipend payment needs to be adjusted due to an adjusted schedule, an unpaid absence, or an early termination