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Finding safe and affordable housing will require your attention immediately upon selection into the program.  There is a higher demand for short-term housing during the summer months, therefore the earlier you start the search process the better. 

**You need to secure your housing on or before the first day of your appointment.

Below you will find general guidance to start you with your housing search.  This is by no means an all-inclusive list of options.  You must evaluate your housing options carefully as not all may be suitable for your specific needs during your appointment. 

ORAU, ORISE, DOE and MLEF are not affiliated with the companies listed below. Inclusion of a listing does not constitute a recommendation by ORISE, ORAU, DOE, or MLEF. The information is always subject to change and we strongly advise you to call and verify all information provided.

Where to start your search

  • Check with your college/university to see if they have an alumni chapter in the area.  Local alumni chapters can be a good source of housing information.
  • Check with your friends and family. Apartment guides.
  • Research universities local to the area of your appointment.
  • Check with your mentor and site advisor to get insight on a particular location.
  • Websites

General Research Advice

You should always consider safety and your budget as part of your housing search.  Short-term housing is more expensive than your standard one-year lease.  Check your offer letter to see if you are eligible to receive a housing allowance to help offset a portion of your housing costs.  Having this information upfront will assist you with your planning.  When renting, always research the following: 


  • Have you checked references and postings online about the apartment?
  • Safety of the neighborhood
  • Safety of the building and apartment – security, deadbolts, fire alarms, etc.


  • Is a short-term lease available?
  • Which utilities, such as gas, water, and electricity are included in your rent? If not, on average, how much are the utilities per month?
  • How much money is required to move in; security deposit, first/last month’s rent?
  • Are references and a credit check required?  Be sure to allow time to provide and clear this step, if required.


  • How will you get to your appointment site?  Can you use public transportation?  Most MLEF sites will require you to have a personal car or carpool with a fellow participant.


  • Are there laundry facilities available, if not are there any nearby?
  • Will the short-term lease allow you to stay until the night before the Technical Forum?
  • Is the apartment furnished?
  • Is it in close proximity to restaurants, grocery stores, shopping areas, metro, etc.?

Considering a Roommate?

As a way to manage your costs, you may want to consider having a roommate.  This also makes commuting more convenient if you need to carpool or if you have a car, to offset commuting expenses should you choose to carpool.

As a service, MLEF can connect you with other program participants completing their assignment in the same location as you.  Contact Sandra Penaherrera, MLEF Program Manager, at , if you want to be connected with other program participants for the purpose of finding housing.

Questions to ask a potential roommate

  • Do you smoke? If your answers do not match, what parameters can be set (ie. No smoking indoors but on balcony/patio is ok)
  • Are you a night owl or an early riser? If you do not match, perhaps quiet hours can be set at a mutually agreeable time. 
  • Are you generally neat or messy?

Suggestions for living with roommates

  • Establish house rules within first week
  • Set schedule for cleaning duties of common areas
  • Discuss cooking and food sharing
  • Discuss parameters surrounding guests: family, friends, overnight
  • Communication and respect is key. 

Corporate Housing Companies

The companies listed below offer national services to corporate style apartments (short-term, fully furnished). Roommates are encouraged to keep costs affordable.