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Training and Technology Support

ORISE helps train all levels of government personnel for natural disasters and man-made emergencies using latest technology

The Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education prepares emergency personnel to respond to natural disasters or acts of terrorism through training and technology tools that aid in providing a coordinated relief effort.

How ORISE is Making a Difference

A fundamental part of preparing an organized response is ensuring that all emergency personnel effectively communicate and participate in information sharing. Because technology is the foundation of a successful response effort, ORISE develops innovative response tools to support a variety of government preparedness exercises and readiness programs.

Learn more about how ORISE is making a difference in the area of training and technology support through the project examples listed below.

Performance Improvement Management System (PIMS)

The Veterans Health Administration Performance Improvement Management System (VHA PIMS) is a web-based system that provides a consistent and efficient approach to plan, develop, evaluate and improve emergency management activities throughout the VHA and enables multi-level participation and collaboration.

Asset Readiness Management System (ARMS)

The ARMS system provides readiness information on DOE’s personnel and equipment, including depth of personnel available, their training, their inventory of equipment and the condition of their equipment.

Chicagos skyline

Chicago No-Notice Training Exercise

ORISE supported a full-scale training event throughout the greater Chicago area to enhance search capabilities for locating threatening radiological material in an urban environment.

Chemical Stockpile Training

Exercise Trending Tool

ORISE developed an Exercise Trending Tool to help improve training and exercise effectiveness for CSEPP’s seven sites, allowing critical information to be shared between community response partners.

Exercise Builder

Exercise Builder

ORISE developed Exercise Builder—a self-paced, computer-based tool—to assist with the design, development and evaluation of an emergency exercise.

Incident Management Training Put to Test in Gulf

U.S. Department of Energy and ORISE emergency management personnel traveled to the Gulf of Mexico following the explosion aboard the Deepwater Horizon oil rig to assist incident management teams with response planning.

Radiological Assessment and Monitoring System (RAMS)

Radiological Assessment and Monitoring System (RAMS)

RAMS is the hub of the Paperless Federal Radiological Monitoring and Assessment Center (pFRMAC) that provides data analysis for emergency operations.



ORISE developed and deployed the WeB-MEDIS patient tracking system to provide emergency responders and hospitals with a highly portable system for inputting, sharing and tracking patient data from the field.

Training and Technology Support