ORISE celebrates Medical Laboratory Professionals Week

ORISE celebrates Medical Laboratory Professionals Week
ORISE Beryllium Laboratory staff members

Since this is Medical Laboratory Professionals Week, we want to share how proud we are of our medical lab professionals. Two of the three labs that ORISE manages for DOE include the medical labs of the Beryllium Testing Laboratory and Cytogenetic Biodosimetry Laboratory.

“Medical laboratory professionals work behind the scenes to ensure you have the best results you can have and are receiving high-quality patient care. Your health depends on it,” said Sarah Dodson, medical laboratory scientist, ORISE Beryllium Testing Laboratory.

Did you know that medical laboratory scientists make up the third largest group of health care professionals after doctors and nurses? They are trained to look for the presence or absence of disease, a key factor in helping doctors determine the best treatment. Doctors make about 70% of their medical decisions based upon medical laboratory results.

Medical laboratory professionals are involved in the fields of hematology, microbiology, mycology, parasitology, chemistry, urine analysis, immunohematology (blood banking), molecular diagnostics and other specialties, such as toxicology. They use specialized techniques and complex instrumentation, as well as their eyes and manual methods, to determine results.

Celebrate with us this week! Special thanks to all medical lab professionals!