How to Start a Program

NIH has established Special Partnership Project (SPP) with the U.S. Department of Energy that authorizes ORISE to appoint participants in this NIH program.  ORAU manages ORISE for DOE.  Visit the ORISE website here:
All NIH mission directorates and Centers may use the NIH Mission Directorate Research Participation Program to appoint participants from all academic levels, including those holding an associate’s degree, a bachelor’s degree, or a master’s degree.  The program can also appoint university faculty or visiting scientists for appointments of short duration.
The sequence of events for appointing a NIH ORISE participant:
  1. The NIH Center identifies a research opportunity and specifies the elements of qualification required for that opportunity.  ORISE advertises the opportunity, receives a complete application from applicants (résumé, transcripts, or letters of recommendation), and informs the NIH Center of the results
  2. The NIH Center selects applicants for an appointment and transmits that decision to ORISE using a Selection Form, which authorizes ORISE to extend the offer of appointment to qualified applicants.
  3. Before ORISE can extend an offer of appointment, NIH must provide funding using an interagency agreement on NIH Form 523.
  4. DOE approves the interagency agreement and confirms reception of the funding, then informs ORISE that the funding is available.
  5. ORISE confirms that the applicant has submitted a complete application and has met every element of eligibility, then sends extends the offer of appointment. a congratulatory offer of appointment to the person via email.  When the selectee indicates that they will accept, ORISE sends them a formal offer letter and the Terms of Appointment, which they sign and return to ORISE.  
  6. Once the selectee arrives at the research location and NIH confirms that the appointment has begun, ORISE begins to confer the financial elements of the appointment that NIH confirmed in the ORISE Selection Form.
  7. Financial transactions for interagency acquisition (IA) work performed by DOE for other federal agencies are accomplished using the Intragovernmental Payment and Collection (IPAC) system.