Appointment Start and End Dates

Participants will coordinate appropriate internship start and end dates with their mentors at the assigned hosting facility. ORISE notification and approval will be required at least 10 business days in advance of any changes to the internship schedule after it has been approved.

Deferral Policy

Internships may not be deferred.

Full-time Commitment

Participants commit to full-time, on site participation for 10 consecutive weeks at the assigned hosting facility the months of May through September.

Health insurance

Participants are required to have health insurance coverage during the internship period and to provide proof of this coverage prior to the start of the internship.

Citizenship/Immigration Status

Verification of enrollment and GPA

Prior to the start of the appointment, participants must provide copies of official transcripts and proof of enrollment during Spring of 2018.  Proof of enrollment and official transcripts are required prior to the acceptance of the Internship Program.


Time Off

Policies/regulations of the Hosting Facility