Environmental Management Science Education and Internship Program

Area Information

The Oak Ridge Environmental Management Office is located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, about 12 miles from Knoxville. Prior to World War II the area was largely rural and comprised of many farms. However, that landscape changed quickly after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Oak Ridge, as it became to be known, location mapwas one of the cities chosen to house a portion of the “top-secret” Manhattan Project operations. After the War’s end, the responsibility of the Manhattan Project was eventually moved to the Atomic Energy Commission, the precursor to the Department of Energy. While Oak Ridge is a city widely known for its science, it is also abundant with features that make everyday living a pleasure.

Part of the “good life” enjoyed by the people of the Knoxville-Oak Ridge area stems from the abundant recreational and leisure opportunities afforded by the geographic setting. Located in the heart of the Tennessee Valley, Oak Ridge is in the midst of one of the most scenic areas of the Eastern United States. Surrounded by TVA lakes and the Great Smoky Mountains, one can easily spend a day on the lake or in the mountains, and be home by dinner. The East Tennessee area is a hot-spot for a variety of activities such as collegiate and semi-pro sports events, shopping, performing arts outlets, cultural events, and leisure activities.

(some text courtesy of Knoxville.org)