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Learn about environmental science research impacts rainforests to automobile technology!

Did you know that environmental science encompasses such fields as biology, chemistry, and geology? At ORNL, environmental scientists conduct research, develop technology, and perform analyses of the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the soil we walk on. As you step inside the "Get Into Green" exhibit, experience the sights and sounds of a rainforest as you explore plant life while being surrounded by the sounds of birds. Explore the hidden world beneath the soil as you examine how roots provide nutrients that allow plants to grow.

Solar energy
Ever wonder how solar energy provides electricity to homes and buildings? Step in front of an infrared camera to discover the impact of solar energy as it transfers through our homes to power lights, chill what's inside the refrigerator, and even charge your phone. You can even learn how batteries can be used to collect and store solar energy to power a home even on a cloudy day.

3D printing
Don't miss the opportunity to learn from ORNL scientists how 3D printing is revolutionizing how manufacturers create products—both big and small. From hearing aids to even full-sized cars, 3D printing has the potential to reduce energy and cut material costs by 90 percent, which means a huge benefit to our environment! Be amazed at the 3D-printed “Terminator,” watch 3D printing in action, and test the strength of carbon fiber and a 3D-printed chair. And just before you exit, grab your smartphone to explore fuel efficiency and fuel availability (e.g., electric and E85 cars) as well as the environmental impact of fuels for energy use while driving cars.

"Get Into Green" trailer

Visit the "Get Into Green" trailer to learn more about 3D printing and solar energy!