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Learn how ORNL stimulates advanced research through mission support

Behind all the great scientists at ORNL is a team called "Mission Support." We provide the wide variety of services needed to keep the ORNL campus safe and up and running.

The ORNL campus is a lot like a small city of 5,000 inhabitants on any given day. We operate a fire department, a police service, a mail service, and a vehicle repair shop. We provide utilities like water, steam, and electricity. We operate a medical department with doctors and nurses. We have people who take care of our roads, our grounds, our buildings and, yes, even our garbage. We even have restaurants.

Some of our Mission Support team members are planners, news writers, auditors, engineers, or legal experts. We also need welders, pipe fitters, electricians, millwrights, painters, carpenters, and many other types of skilled craftsworkers.

Because the mission at ORNL is so unique, we have other Mission Support team members who are specially trained personnel in the areas of radiation protection, nuclear safety, chemical and industrial safety, environmental safety including pollution prevention and air/water quality protection, transportation safety, waste management, and much more!

The list of jobs that are part of Mission Support is quite extensive. It shows that you don’t need to be a scientist to be part of the amazing research that is underway here. We’re always looking for smart recruits to join our Mission Support team.

Two major organizations in Mission Support are Facilities and Operations (F&O) and Environment, Safety, and Health (ESH).

Can you guess what types of careers are needed by F&O and ESH? Below is a short list of some careers to think about:

Architects Radiation Control Technicians
Designers Health Physicists
Engineers Nuclear Facility Safety Engineers
Electricians Nuclear Criticality Safety Engineers
Lineman Radiological Engineers
Welders  Environmental Compliance Specialists
Pipe Fitters Environmental Sampling Technicians
Millwrights Environmental Specialists
Painters  Environmental Scientists/Engineers
Carpenters Industrial Hygienists
Laborers Industrial Hygiene Technicians
Instrumentation Technicians Industrial Safety Professionals
Hazardous Materials Technicians   Waste Management Specialists
Chemical Engineers Transportation Specialists
Fire Inspectors EMTs/Paramedics
Doctors Nurses

"Supporting Research" trailer

Visit the "Supporting Research" trailer to learn more about how ORNL's Mission Support team helps scientists conduct important research!