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Who knew computers are critical to helping researchers solve complex science problems!

Did you know that ORNL’s supercomputers are used to tackle many of the biggest scientific challenges? Step inside the "What's Your Problem?" exhibit and imagine what it is like to experience the computing power of one of the world’s fastest supercomputers—Titan!

Tiny Titan
Sometimes the best way to learn is hands-on. That’s the purpose of “Tiny Titan,” a collection of tiny computers that visually demonstrate how multicore computing works. While inside “Tiny Titan,” see how parallel computing is like building a house—to get a job done efficiently, workers must carry out different tasks at the same time. Witness the speed of a simulation running on one processor, or two, or three, or four, providing them a first-hand understanding of how more cores reduces the time it takes to solve complex calculations.

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What would you do if there were more of you?
Use your imagination as you tour the mirrored “infinity room” to answer the question, “What would you do if there were more of you?” Look around at the myriad reflections and just imagine how much you could get done if there were several of you. Imagine that the dishes, homework, the laundry could all be finished in no time if only there were enough of you working together. That’s basically the idea behind ORNL’s Titan supercomputer.

For supercomputers to work effectively, the processors must divide up work efficiently. This means the programs running on Titan are written to divide the tasks among processors and enable the processors to communicate information about their individual tasks to one another. With enough processors the complex calculations necessary to simulate things like the Earth’s climate, fusion energy, and supernovas can be shared, allowing Titan to tackle some of science’s most daunting challenges.

Today’s supercomputers provide solutions to the world’s biggest challenges, and ORNL’s supercomputing science exhibit is the perfect vehicle to show all ages exactly how they do it.

"What's Your Problem?" trailer

Visit the "What's Your Problem?" trailer to learn more about how ORNL supercomputer "Titan" helps researchers solve complex scientific challenges!