U.S. citizenship is not required for participation in some of the Science Education and Workforce Development Programs at ORNL. In this section, you will find information that is intended to be used as a guide for applicants and participants who are foreign nationals. See which Science Education and Workforce Development programs at ORNL you are eligible for by checking available programs, and be sure to verify your eligibility for specific opportunities on Zintellect.

If selected to participate in a program, ORAU Immigration Services is required to verify your immigration status and eligibility. Students and recent graduates with an F-1 status may be eligible for participation, depending on the program. If you do not have a current status that permits participation, we may be able to file for an appropriate immigration status for you for an upcoming appointment, including (1) an H-1B immigration status for temporary employees in a specialty occupation or (2) sponsorship in the Exchange Visitor (J-1) Program (research scholar and short-term scholar categories only).

Most Commonly Accepted Statuses for Research Participation Programs

Most Science Education and Workforce Development Programs at ORNL are Research Participation Programs, categorized as educational opportunities. Check the program information for more details. You also contact us with any additional questions. The most commonly accepted statuses include, but are not limited to, the following:

Most Commonly Accepted Statuses for Research Associate Programs

The Research Associate Programs which have opportunities not requiring U.S. citizenship are the Post-Bachelor’s Research Associate Program and the Post-Master’s Research Associate Program.