Submitting Your Application

Applications must be completed through the online application system.

Completion of all required fields in the application, including:

  • Contact and Education Information
  • Citizenship Status
  • Optional Student Participation
  • Research Proposal
  • Essays
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Online submission of the following:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Two Letters of Recommendation
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Other requirements include:

  • Research Project Proposal that is co-developed with research staff at host Laboratory
  • Applicants seeking NSF-supported appointments must also submit a supplemental funding proposal to NSF through their home institution PI
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Application Complete!


The application system will guide you through the process. Only complete applications submitted by the deadline will be considered for placement. Materials uploaded into the online application system provide the sole basis for evaluation.

Research Interests

We encourage you to visit the ORNL website to identify projects that may be of interest. 

Connecting with a Researcher

If you need help identifying a potential research collaborator,

  1. Visit the ORNL website and search for your specific research interests. Reach out to the researcher—email typically works best—and gauge their interest in collaborating with you on a summer project. 
  2. Contact Julie Malicoat with your curriculum vitae and research statement; she can help identify a potential collaborator for you.


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