The Post-Bachelor’s Research Associate Program at Oak Ridge National Laboratory is highly selective and offers challenging opportunities to recent recipients of bachelor’s degrees to conduct research in areas that support ORNL missions in the basic and applied sciences, energy, and environment.

The emphasis on a research mentoring approach allows program appointees to become integral members of ORNL research and development teams. They gain exposure to current national issues in science and technology, have opportunities to share and exchange innovative ideas and techniques, and make significant contributions to ORNL programs. The interaction of ideas, skills, approaches, and technologies is of mutual benefit to the participant and ORNL.



All positions are available through the Post-Bachelor’s Research Associate Program. To read a full description of each position, click the Position name. The full description includes information on how to apply for the position online.


Research participants in the Post-Bachelor’s Research Associate Program are considered full-time temporary employees of ORAU, and as such are entitled to the following employee benefits: