Oak Ridge National Laboratory is located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Nestled in the Tennessee Valley and surrounded by the Great Smoky Mountains and beautiful lakes, Oak Ridge offers a multitude of recreational and leisure opportunities specific to its gorgeous geographical location.

Not only is Oak Ridge scenic, it also hosts a wide range of events and diverse cultural options. Additionally, there are a variety of historical sites to explore in the East Tennessee area.

On the more practical side, Oak Ridge is only 30 minutes from McGhee Tyson Airport, which connects to most major cities. Another benefit of living in Tennessee is the lack of state income tax. The sales tax (deductible in Tennessee) is 9.25% in Knoxville (8.25% on food). Local sales tax in Oak Ridge is 9.75%.

Oak Ridge’s award-winning schools and quality healthcare facilities make it an excellent, safe place for all individuals to thrive. And the same can be said about Knoxville’s health care and school system. While the location may not be the determining factor in your decision, this information may help make your decision a little easier.