Streamlining and securing the scientific review process

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When conducting peer reviews, merit reviews, or grant reviews, the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) may incorporate PeerNet, a web-based system for entering peer review scores and comments. PeerNet can be used to collect and report any evaluation data from multiple subject matter experts using common criteria and scoring methods.

PeerNet helps review officials diligently monitor for conflict of interest and bias throughout the peer review process by giving them authorized read-only access to real-time data from the reviewers.

Key Features

  • Secure – PeerNet has a proven record of success in meeting governmental cybersecurity requirements.
  • Confidential – PeerNet manages reviewer confidentiality and sensitive information by providing a password-protected location for data to be entered and reviewed.
  • Customizable – PeerNet can support a variety of review types and application collections as it is scalable to the number of applicants and reviewers required for each project.
  • Flexible, real-time reporting – PeerNet was designed to easily collect, tabulate and report evaluative comments and/or scores from multiple reviewers with common criteria.
  • Accessible – Outside of routine maintenance, PeerNet is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Mobile Optimized – PeerNet’s user-friendly interface is easily accessible from tablets and smartphones.
  • Intuitive – PeerNet’s easy-to-navigate interface creates a user-friendly experience for reviewers, nominators, and customers.
  • Section 508 Compliant – PeerNet is accessible for all users.

Recent Enhancements

PeerNet has recently added features that help further streamline the proposal collection and review process.

Improved Reviewer Interface

The new document exchange allows reviewers to securely download essential documents, add required signatures, and transmit documents—all within PeerNet. Everything is now in one place, so no more searching through emails to find essential documents to complete the peer review process.

Expanded Proposal Collection

The new proposal intake allows ORAU to electronically collect submissions from nominators, applicants, principal investigators, and others involved with the peer review process. Sponsors are also able to specify the types of documentation (e.g., letter of intent, abstract, project brief) required for the initial proposal before it proceeds to peer review. The new form builder capability saves time and is fully customizable for sponsors needing to develop parameters (e.g., deadlines, naming conventions, question validation messages) for proposal submission.

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