Streamlining and securing the scientific review process

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When conducting peer reviews, merit reviews, or grant reviews, the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) incorporates PeerNet™, a web-based system for entering peer review scores and comments. PeerNet™ can be used to collect and report any evaluation data from multiple subject matter experts using common criteria and scoring methods.

The system has a proven record of meeting governmental cyber security requirements and helps ORISE manage reviewer confidentiality and sensitive information by providing a password-protected location for data to be entered and reviewed. It also adheres to Section 508 guidelines for users with disabilities. PeerNet™ helps review officials diligently monitor for conflict of interest and bias throughout the peer review process by giving them authorized read-only access to real-time data from the reviewers. PeerNet receives regular technical enhancements to allow optimum performance for reviewers.

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