What is Peer Review? A process for instilling confidence in scientific information and funded research

Many different kinds of processes and disciplines are included in the overarching term peer review. The term is commonly used to describe the process of reviewing literature or manuscripts submitted for publication in professional journals or other periodicals.

In the most general sense we can define peer review as the following:

Peer Review
The evaluation of one party’s work by another party with expertise in the same field or a related field. The evaluated work may be, among other things, a proposal to conduct scientific research, ongoing research itself, or a submitted paper based on ongoing or completed research.

The type of peer review conducted by the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education concentrates on the evaluation of scientific research proposals that seek public funding. Through expert evaluation by carefully selected reviewers, the peer review process also ensures that research conclusions are credible before funding is awarded. The ORISE peer review process fulfills all DOE and Code of Federal Regulation requirements.

Maintaining scientific integrity is ORISE’s number one priority and our quality-controlled processes and team of peer review experts help DOE ensure the most effective use of research funding.