Resources for K-12 Teachers and Students

STEM learning resources enhance classroom learning for students at every grade level

In our mission to support STEM (science, education, technology and engineering) workforce development and education, the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education provides teachers and students with supplemental resources for at home and in the classroom. Educators who teach K-12 grades have access to our library of hands-on, STEM lesson plans for all ages, and can share their own, original STEM lesson plans through ORISE lesson plan competitions.

Parents and K-12 students have access to a selection of online games and activities that introduce students to a variety of STEM subjects including computer programming, environmental sciences, virtual reality, coding and more. ORISE online activities not only introduce students to skills that lay the foundation for future STEM careers, but foster curiosity and innovation in student learning. Elementary to high school students also have opportunities to gain competitive educational experiences through ORISE student competitions.

ORISE K-12 STEM resources are available to teachers, parents and students of all ages year round. For more information, contact our K-12 team at


ORISE K-12 grant allows teacher to inspire students with extinct organisms

Former Meadowlark Middle School science teacher Iris Mudd and Meadowlark Elementary School kindergarten teacher Cheryl Corts teamed up for an unique learning experience where eighth graders from Mudd’s class served as student educators to kindergarten students by providing them with a tour of wildlife and skull specimens.

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