Guidance for Radiation Accident Management

Information for treating patients with illnesses or injuries caused by ionizing radiation

Guidance for Radiation Accident Management is a resource for emergency responders and receivers who may encounter patients with illnesses or injuries caused by ionizing radiation. It reflects real world experience gained by the physicians, nurse/paramedics, and health physics professionals at the Radiation Emergency Assistance Center/Training Site (REAC/TS) in Oak Ridge, Tenn. The content was created to be used as a reference guide to answer specific questions related to the care and management of patients who have been involved in radiation incidents.

Lifesaving interventions should always be the priority when caring for these patients. The information provided here addresses basic explanations and definitions related to ionizing radiation, and offers general guidance to those caring for patients both in the prehospital and the hospital setting. In addition to information necessary to appropriately care for these patients, procedural demonstrations are provided that address appropriate donning and doffing of personal protective equipment, removing contaminated clothing from a patient, and decontamination of wounds and intact skin.

All of the topics covered in this site are presented in much greater depth in the various continuing medical education courses offered by REAC/TS.

For expert advice and consultation on any of the topics contained in this site, please contact REAC/TS. For emergencies, call (865) 576-1005. For general information during business hours, call (865) 576-3131.