Professional Development Resources

With the right strategy, you can land the perfect research experience

Whether you are an undergraduate, graduate student, postdoc or early-career professional, the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education provides various resources to address the career planning and professional development needs of all research and non-research participants.

Getting a great education and securing an internship or fellowship only makes up a small portion of what it takes to launch your career. Finding an internship means knowing how to write a cover letter and prepare a resume. It is also important to know how to prepare for an interview and network with recruiters and other professionals. Once you've secured the internship, it's continuing your professional development through additional learning opportunities and connecting with your peers through professional networks.

For decades, ORISE has helped young STEM professionals along their career paths, and our experts have provided some resources below to help you reach the next step in your career.

Recruiter greeting two prospective student interns

Ask a Recruiter

Want a few tips and tricks from experienced recruiters? No problem, contact our team today and ask your questions. Whether you are a current student or recent grad who wants advice on how to make your application stand out, or if you are a recruiter who wants to chat about best practices, we are ready to hear from you.