End of Appointment

Appointment end dates are specified in the letter of appointment that you receive from ORISE. Appointment end dates should be strictly observed and may not be changed without the appropriate communication to ORISE.

As your scheduled end date approaches, ORISE will send a letter to you confirming the end date and outlining the procedures necessary to complete your appointment. Any outstanding travel reimbursement forms must also be submitted. Release of your last stipend payment is contingent upon verification that you have met all program requirements.

Leaving an Appointment Early

Should you need to leave the program before the specified end date, you should directly inform your ORISE point of contact and your mentor. Two weeks’ notice is requested. Providing insufficient notice or failure to communicate directly with ORISE could result in unnecessary complications with final stipend payments. It is your responsibility to verify that ORISE has been informed of any change in appointment dates.

Extending an Appointment

Continuing participation after the agreed end date, even by a single day, is not permitted.