Offering a diverse collection of research opportunities for graduate students in STEM disciplines

If you are a graduate student looking for the ideal setting to conduct your thesis research or if you’re a master’s student preparing to pursue your doctorate, a graduate-level research position can open doors for advanced studies.

The Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) offers summer, fall and spring internship programs at locations across the United States for graduate students in STEM disciplines to participate in laboratory experiences to expand their expertise beyond the traditional university setting.

If you are looking for a short-term experience like a summer internship, ORISE has a diverse collection of opportunities in a variety of research areas. If an internships or fellowship opportunity during the academic year is more ideal, there are also a number of positions with immediate availability for students who have already earned their B.S. and are currently pursuing advanced degrees.

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Current Research Opportunities for Graduate Students

Opportunity Title Opportunity Number Organization Program Location

Participant Spotlight

Erin Acuna, a participant in the PIP program at the National Energy Technology Laboratory feels she has been exposed to “endless, unique learning experiences.” Throughout her appointment, she said the experience has enabled her to become a better researcher. “Working alongside many intelligent researchers of different STEM fields allows the community to build a communal wealth of knowledge. It has been gratifying to be one of the few members in the MHD Laboratory, as I’ve been exposed to truly innovative technology. Inherently, this has reinforced my goals to work on the cutting edge of STEM.”