Helping recent graduates gain invaluable experience through STEM internships and fellowships

Are you a recent graduate looking for a research experience to take you beyond entry-level understanding and provide you with elements that are essential to a successful professional career?

ORISE offers challenging research opportunities to help prepare recent graduates for a career in STEM while providing them with laboratory knowledge to use in pursuit of an advanced degree. Recent bachelor’s and master’s degree graduates are in a position to gain invaluable research experience in one of more than a dozen STEM-related disciplines.

Graduates intent on remaining within the academic community may find that a research experience provides the laboratory experience needed before moving on to pursue a master’s degree or doctorate.

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Current Research Opportunities for Recent Graduates

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Participant Spotlight

As a participant in the NETL Professional Internship Program, James Egbu pursues chemical sensing layer development including corrosion on-set and CO2 in geological formations. “As a researcher, NETL offers me access to brilliant research advisors and mentors and, more importantly, hands-on research experience,” Egbu said. “I have improved my skills in identifying pressing energy-related questions, answering them experimentally, and presenting my findings to the scientific community. Gaining this hands-on research experience in a national laboratory has made me a better chemist and materials researcher.”