A collection of STEM resources to help students embrace science education

Looking for STEM resources to supplement classroom learning? Need a one-stop location for a variety of STEM education resources for your students? The Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) has compiled an extensive list of resources that can help support your classroom instruction.

NBC Learn K-12 is an educational portal from NBC News. It provides the latest news as well as historical perspectives on many events. The portal also includes collection of 20,000 videos, which are aligned to state standards designed for use in the classroom. Featured in the collection: Science of Innovation, Science of Sports, and Chronicles of Courage. NBC Learn now has a separate site for higher education: NBC Learn Higher ED

Science 360 Video Library is sponsored by the National Science Foundation. The site contains current science news from across the world and a collection of videos, including topics such as:

There is also a Science 360 Radio App available for iPhone and Android.

PhET was founded in 2002 by Nobel Laureate Carl Wieman. The PhET Interactive Simulations project at the University of Colorado Boulder creates free, research-based interactive math and science simulations.

Quizlet is an engaging site for learning vocabulary for K-12 students (must sign up for a free account). Also available are Quizlet Flashcards for both Apple and Android devices. Teachers may create their own content or search from many collections shared by other teachers. Teachers may create classes to monitor student progress and there is also a primate setting is desired. 

Concord Consortium is a non-profit educational technology laboratory (funded by NSF) for science, mathematics and engineering. The Concord Consortium includes models and simulations, real-time data collection with probeware, as well as modeling software. Resources are categorized by subject and grade band (elementary, middle, high, and higher ed). There is a STEM finder to assist with locating STEM activities and lessons. 

Bozeman Science is developed by Paul Andersen, an educational consultant and YouTube creator living in Bozeman, Mont. He was a one of four finalists in 2011 for the National Teacher of the Year. In 2012, Paul was selected by YouTube as one of 10 YouTube Edu Gurus. The videos on this site include information for: AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, AP Physics, Anatomy and Physiology as well as the Next Generation Science Standards. 

Edheads creates unique, Web experiences designed to make hard-to-teach science, technology, engineering and math concepts understandable. This is a low-cost subscription site but there are several free games. 

The National Science Digital Library has a collection of high quality resources for teaching and learning. Teachers and students may search for images, lesson plans, videos, activities, games, etc. with an emphasis on the STEM sciences. Resources may also be searched by grade bands. 

The Nobel Prize site has an educational collection of learning games based on the work of the Nobel Laureates. The games are designed to help students better understand the award winning research. A favorite at this site is the “Blood Typing Game.”

Science NetLinks offers lesson plans, after-school activities, collections of information concentrating on a science topic, and science news.

The Science of Energy is a collection of Science NetLinks resources, including lessons, tools, and interactives available to help students understand energy.

Howard Hughes Medical Institute offers educators many resources including short videos, holiday lectures series, and virtual labs. The Click and Learn and Earth Viewer apps are available from the Apple Store, Google Play and Amazon apps. Many resources are also available in Spanish.

Edulastic is a free platform for personalized formative assessment. Teacher may create assessments from a test bank or they may create their own questions. Assessment are aligned to Common Core and include more than 30 question types. There are school and district plans available.

Kahoot is a free game-based learning platform. There are collections of questions made by teachers, students, social people on a specific topic. Questions are asked in real-time providing immediate feedback to players. Teachers may use Kahoot as a tool to track/monitor student progress. It may also be used as a formative assessment tool. Kahoot makes learning fun!

Create a Graph is an online tool to aid with making graphs. The site offers tutorials, help with the type of graph needed, and creates basic types of graphs. There are place holders for students to label axis, title, legend, etc., guiding students to create better graphs. Graphs may be shared, printed or saved.