STEM Program Evaluation Evaluations measure performance and lasting impact of STEM workforce programs

As part of its ongoing assessment and evaluation services primarily focused on scientific workforce development programs, the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education supports the U.S. Department of Energy and other government agencies interested in evaluating program effectiveness or identifying ways to improve the implementation of program operations.

From survey development and administration to data analysis and reporting, ORISE enables customers to inform decision making, educate stakeholders and promote program sustainability.

Evaluation services include:

Pre-Evaluation Services

  • Evaluability assessment
  • Stakeholder assessment
  • Logic model development
  • Evaluation design and planning
    • Needs assessment
    • Formative and summative evaluation
    • Long-term follow-up studies
    • Structural benchmarking for STEM education or workforce development programs
  • Institutional Review Board (IRB) application preparation

Post-Evaluation Services

  • Assessment of evaluation use and evaluation influence
  • Promoting and supporting improvement and change/Facilitating evaluation use

Active Evaluation Services

  • Data collection
    • Instrument design and validation
    • Designing and administering survey instruments
    • Conducting interviews and focus groups
    • Recording observational data
    • Reviewing program operations documentation
  • Data analysis
    • Descriptive and inferential statistical analyses
    • Qualitative data analysis
    • Data visualization
  • Dissemination
    • Customized reporting (briefing sheets, data reports, comprehensive reports)
    • Presentations
STEM Program Evaluation process: Planning -- Implementation -- Evaluation

ORISE also designs surveys to collect evaluative feedback from program administrators, peer reviewers, user groups, and other stakeholders on support services they use.

Examples of operational surveys include:

  • Employees’ use of communication tools
  • Employees’ use of technology tools
  • Application system user feedback
  • Peer reviewer preferences
  • Management of travel services
  • User assistance feedback

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