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Participant Experiences

One of the best ways to learn about opportunities at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Transportation Security Laboratory (TSL) is through the words of a past participant. Click on each participant to learn more about their research and experience.

  • alicia-broderick.jpg

    Alicia Broderick

    For Alicia Broderick, Ph.D., current federal research chemist, much of her career success can be traced back to the time she spent as an intern in the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) research participation program. Though she always knew she wanted a career in chemistry research, it was her internship experience that truly motivated her to pursue that dream.

  • goldbergilana.jpg

    Ilana Goldberg

    Postdoctoral fellow Ilana Goldberg's goal was to better understand the thermal properties of explosive mixtures to aid in stability predictions.

  • angus.jpg

    Garrett Angus

    As part of the DHS TSL Visiting Scientist Program, Garrett Angus tested explosive simulants as he worked along experts who are striving to better detect the threat of improvised explosive devices.

  • melissa-sweat.jpg

    Melissa Sweat

    Melissa Sweat conducted research pertaining to the development of an algorithm to digitally isolate and characterize explosive particles found in fingerprint residues. Sweat’s research focused on understanding the characteristics of trace explosive particles on fingerprints from various surfaces.

  • figueroa.jpg

    Amanda Figueroa-Navedo

    Amanda Figueroa-Navedo had the opportunity to pursue a long-time interest in explosives research at the TSL. After completing two degrees in chemistry, Figueroa-Navedo was able to apply her knowledge to trace explosive detection to improve testing of contraband materials. 

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