Database includes more than 80 studies of more than one million workers

Through the Comprehensive Epidemiologic Data Resource (CEDR), the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) provides educators and independent researchers with access to de-identified data collected on its workers and other populations exposed to radiation since the U.S. Department of Energy’s early production years. CEDR’s holdings include more than 80 studies of more than one million workers. Access to these data is at no cost to the user because DOE recognizes the benefits of data sharing and supports the public’s right to know about worker and community health risks.

Most of CEDR’s holdings are derived from epidemiologic studies of DOE workers at many large nuclear weapons plants, such as Hanford, Los Alamos, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Savannah River Site, and Rocky Flats. These studies identify cause of death and patterns of disease among workers to determine if occupational factors contributed to the risk of developing cancer and other illnesses. In addition, many of these studies have radiation exposure measurements for individual workers.

Other CEDR collections include historical dose reconstruction studies of past offsite radiological and chemical exposures around the nuclear weapons facilities. Now a mature system in routine operational use, CEDR’s modern, web-based systems respond to thousands of requests daily.

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