ORISE's success is shaped by its commitment to diversity, quality, safety, security, and the environment

The Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) is committed to supporting DOE’s objective to create scientific and innovative solutions to meet the nation’s energy, nuclear security, and environmental challenges. ORISE supports the DOE mission by fostering development of the next generation of STEM professionals and by collaborating with the DOE Office of Science, other DOE programs, DOE partner facilities, other federal agencies, the scientific community, and industry to address scientific initiatives. 

The foundation of this commitment is centered on five key pillars that help define the success of ORISE—diversity, quality, safety, security, and the environment. ORISE operates under these guiding pillars on a daily basis, and as a result, remains focused on its mission to support DOE and the nation.

Learn more about our success in these key areas:

ORISE strives for excellence and a dedicated Office of Quality supports that goal by continuously evaluating plans, processes and procedures to increase efficiency, effectiveness and overall responsiveness to meeting the needs of DOE and other partners.

ORISE employees have taken particular ownership of DOE’s underlying directive to operate safely in a day-to-day work environment. As a result, ORISE was recognized as the first site within DOE’s Oak Ridge complex to achieve “Star” status as part of DOE’s Voluntary Protection Program.

ORISE Safeguards & Security is responsible for activities that protect personnel, as well as information, government assets, and facilities from loss, theft, or unauthorized access. ORISE also conducts regular monitoring, performance tests, and self-assessments to ensure security plans are effective.

Environmental Stewardship
Recycling plays a significant part in environmental management, and ORISE has developed a large-scale program for both recycling used consumables and buying products made from recycled materials. ORISE has also created policies that guide the organization’s environmental management efforts in recycling, minimizing waste, and ensuring that hazardous waste is handled properly.

ORISE is committed to infusing diversity into its business culture by maintaining a workforce that understands and respects individual differences and by training staff on diversity and its advantages in the workforce. ORISE employs proactive measures to ensure employment and personnel actions are reflective of diversity principles.