Foreign National Information

There are various types of non-immigrant visas for temporary visitors for short and long term activities. The nature of the intended activities to be undertaken, combined with interpretation and application of the immigration regulations that govern an individuals status, will help determine what type of immigration status is sponsored. In this section you will find information about policies and procedures, as well as important infortmation about immigration regulations that may limit or prohibit certain activities.

This information is intended to be used as guide, but it is not intended to replace consultation and advisement by ORISE.

The statuses that we can accept are:

  • F1-Curricular Practical Training – with Form I-20
  • F1-Optional Practical Training – with approved EAD from USCIS
  • J-1 Research Scholar – must have a Masters - appointment over 6 months
  • J-2 Dependent – with EAD approval from USCIS
  • J-1 Short-term Scholar – must have a Masters - appointment no longer than six months
  • J-1 Student – with authorization letter from school
  • Legal Permanent Resident – with LPR card (conditional and permanent)
  • Asylee/Refugee

Current Visas/Documentation should be valid for one year.