Resources for Medical Professionals

Resources aid in medical response and treatment of individuals exposed to ionizing radiation

The Radiation Emergency Assistance Center/Training Site (REAC/TS), as part of the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education, maintains a collection of radiation emergency medicine resources that support the medical response to radiological/nuclear events and the treatment of individuals injured by ionizing radiation.

Life-saving medical issues always take precedence with radiological concerns, unlike some chemical and biological hazards.

REAC/TS has developed algorithms for medical management and radiation monitoring to highlight priorities in the medical cases of radiation victims. To assist emergency medical providers, REAC/TS has produced technical reports, videos and other resources to highlight priorities in the care of radiologically ill or injured patients.

First responder performing radiological scan

Guidance for Radiation Accident Management

This guide was created to assist emergency responders and receivers who may encounter patients with illnesses or injuries caused by ionizing radiation. The information addresses basic explanations and definitions related to ionizing radiation, and offers general guidance to those caring for patients both in the prehospital and the hospital setting. In addition to information necessary to appropriately care for these patients, procedural demonstrations are provided that address appropriate donning and doffing of personal protective equipment, removing contaminated clothing from a patient, and decontamination of wounds and intact skin.

Guidance for Radiation Accident Management

Video Spotlight

Ground and air medical transport of radiologically contaminated patients

REAC/TS has designed this video to show an example of appropriate patient packaging for transport of a radiologically contaminated patient, along with some simple contamination control techniques to help ensure contamination is appropriately mitigated and not spread to care providers or equipment.

**If you cannot view the embedded video, you may also watch it on YouTube.

“This video is absolutely phenomenal! Strong work! The video was very educational to me and removed fear that was based solely on ignorance. Thank you!” -Ron Satterfield, CRNA; Houston, Texas

Video Spotlight

What to do if you need to contact REAC/TS during an emergency?

Contact REAC/TS

If you need to contact REAC/TS for assistance with the medical management of those involved in a radiological/nuclear incident, please watch the video above "What to do if you need to contact REAC/TS during an emergency?" to know what information is helpful for us to address your questions and concerns.

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