Information to support the medical response and treatment of victims of radiation incidents

The Radiation Emergency Assistance Center/Training Site (REAC/TS) at the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) maintains a collection of radiation emergency medicine resources that support the medical response and treatment of victims.

When a radiation incident victim suffers not only radiation exposure but other significant injuries, REAC/TS can help responders with the proper treatment protocol. Serious medical problems always have priority over radiological concerns, and immediate attention is directed to life-threatening problems.

REAC/TS has developed protocols for medical management and radiation monitoring to highlight priorities in the medical cases of radiation victims. To help first responders and physicians, REAC/TS has produced technical reports, videos, and other resources to highlight priorities in the care of radiation victims.

Ground and Air Medical Transport of Radiologically Contaminated Patients

REAC/TS has designed this video to show an example of appropriate patient packaging for transport of a radiologically contaminated patient, along with some simple contamination control techniques to help ensure contamination is appropriately mitigated and not spread to care providers or equipment.

**If you cannot view the embedded video below, you may also watch it on YouTube.

“This video is absolutely phenomenal! Strong work! The video was very educational to me and removed fear that was based solely on ignorance. Thank you!” -Ron Satterfield, CRNA; Houston, Texas

Published Research
REAC/TS physicians and health physicists are published in a number of scholarly publications related to the medical management of radiation injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions about Radiation
This guide, developed by REAC/TS physicians and health physicists, provides information to health officials and the public better understand radiation and radioactive contamination.

Understanding Radiation Video Series
REAC/TS has developed informational videos that address specific questions about radiation exposure. 

The Medical Aspects of Radiation Incidents (Pocket Guide)
This document covers the basics of radiation and provides the basic information needed for the medical management of victims of radiation incidents in an easy-to-understand manner.

Dose Estimates and Compendia
To help disseminate the most accurate dose estimates and models, ORISE has made available several compendia of dose information related to radiopharmaceuticals.

Radiation Treatment Medication Package Inserts
Package inserts are available for radiation treatment pharmaceuticals calcium-DTPA, zinc-DTPA and Radiogardase (Prussian Blue).