Medical equipment inside REAC/TS classroom

REAC/TS Continuing Medical Education 2020 course registration is now available

Registration for the 2020 Radiation Emergency Medicine, Advanced Radiation Emergency, and Health Physics in Radiation Emergencies courses is now open for physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, first responders, health physicists and other public health professionals. These courses emphasizes the practical aspects of initial hospital management of irradiated and/or contaminated patients through lectures and hands-on practical exercises.

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Sounds of STEM Student Challenge

How many times have you been riding in the car humming, singing, or even dancing along to your favorite tune? Music is a force that moves and connects us all, but how is music connected to STEM? We are asking that you create a music video of a self-written song that addresses at least one concept in STEM. This can be a remix to your favorite song, or you can make your own beats to groove to. Twelve prizes will be awarded, so don’t miss out on your chance to create the sounds of STEM and win an awesome prize along the way! Submit your entry by Tuesday, December 31.

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PeerNet enhancements lead to improved reviewer interface and expanded proposal collection

Did you know that ORISE has recently added features to PeerNet that help further streamline the proposal collection and review process? PeerNet now features an improved reviewer interface that centrally locates document exchange, as well as an expanded proposal collection that streamlines submissions from all parties involved in the peer review process.


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Researcher spotlight: Kaylen Ocampo

From coal to rare Earth elements: Using fossil fuels to find new and efficient extraction methods

During her time with the Mickey Leland Energy Fellowship (MLEF) program, Kaylen Ocampo researched rare earth element extraction using coal grinding, and focused on methods to improve the grinding process’s efficiency and economic viability.

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A male undergraduate student performs computer-based data analytics research during a STEM-related internship.

STEM Career Resources

Are you are an undergraduate, graduate student or postdoc looking for early-career, professional development opportunities? With the right strategy, you can also find, apply to, and land the perfect research experience.  Find information on how to submit a successful application, how to apply for research funding, what STEM careers are in high demand, where to find career fairs, and more!

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