Undergraduate scholarship opportunity!

Autonomous and connected vehicles have the potential to improve the safety and efficiency of the transportation system. ORISE, in partnership with the National Transportation Research Center at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, is hosting a problem-based challenge for undergraduate students. The challenge for undergraduates is to develop a chart or infographic to communicate the levels of autonomous driving and sensor packages required to the public. Your infographic could win you a $5,000 scholarship! The deadline for this competition is Friday, December 6, and winners will be announced late-December.

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Teachers! Makerspace Lesson Plan Competition

One of the best ways for students to learn is to create! ORISE wants to see how you incorporate Makerspace in your math or science classroom! Submit an original, math or science, Makerspace lesson plan for a chance to win. SIX teachers will each receive a mini grant to buy supplies for a classroom makerspace to help inspire more creativity in the classroom! Interested educators are invited to submit an original lesson plan by Monday, December 2.

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As graduation looms: Internship or entry-level position?

Kevin Womack was just weeks away from graduation from Morehouse College and a degree in math and computer science; but he had a tough decision to make. Should he accept a position with Google, go directly to work and start earning a paycheck? After graduation, students are often eager to settle into a full-time position with steady pay and job security; however, this route may not be the most viable option for some students. Job postings in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields may be plentiful, but managers are fairly specific in their search criteria—often eliminating many recent graduates.

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Researcher spotlight: Jada Hoyle-Gardner

Jada Hoyle-Gardner, a doctoral student in environmental sciences at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University and summer intern in the Higher Education Research Experiences (HERE) Program at ORNL, analyzed the kinetics behind how much mercury stays on the sediment and how much is dissolved in the water. This information will offer insight into the amount of mercury available to the microbes that carry out the transformation process to methylmercury.

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Two male researchers in a computer server room

Worker health databases facilitate analyses of health and safety trends for employees and contractors for DOE and other agencies

Did you know that ORISE maintains a collection of databases that help DOE and other agencies ensure the health and safety of workers? Information gleaned from millions of occupational health records can help DOE set future policy and determine how to address emerging issues or concerns. These databases, provided through ORISE's worker health data center, also include information that can be studied by researchers and viewed by workers and the public.

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A male undergraduate student performs computer-based data analytics research during a STEM-related internship.

STEM Career Resources

Are you are an undergraduate, graduate student or postdoc looking for early-career, professional development opportunities? With the right strategy, you can also find, apply to, and land the perfect research experience.  Find information on how to submit a successful application, how to apply for research funding, what STEM careers are in high demand, where to find career fairs, and more!

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