Teachers! Free STEM lesson plans for the new school year

ORISE offers a wealth of STEM curricula and classroom resources available to assist educators in engaging students in STEM subjects. Find more than 100 activities and lesson plans that support classroom learning.

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High school students experience a summer of STEM activities

The Joint Science and Technology Institute (JSTI) held its first summer STEM program for students in the western United States in June. Expanding upon the existing program based in Aberdeen, Maryland, a sister activity in Albuquerque, New Mexico, immersed high school students in hands-on, STEM-focused, research activities.

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A participant scans a person using detection equipment during a mock radiation emergency drill during the REAC/TS Radiation Emergency Medicine course

Have questions about radiation?

REAC/TS physicians and health physicists have created a guide (and video series) that provides information to health officials and the public about radiation and radioactive contamination. The frequently asked questions address specific questions related to radiation exposure, radiation illness, and treatment of victims of radiation incidents.

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Researcher spotlight: Gaida Mahgoub

During an ORISE fellowship with the Environmental Protection Agency, Gaida Mahgoub developed a proposal to add a question to a U.S. Census survey that would ask about wastewater infrastructure across the United States. Read more about Gaida's ORISE experience.

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Can technology make peer reviewers themselves better at what they do?

ORISE researchers sought to answer this question by conducting an inquiry about “Technology and Peer Review Panel Skills.” This exploratory study examined how the use of technology in conducting panel reviews for research-funding agencies affects the development and improvement of skills needed by effective reviewers.

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HERE participant contributes to research on sodium-ion batteries

As a child, Kia Jackson loved to take apart electronic gadgets—cellphones, flashlights, any object she could get her hands on—and inspect the batteries and circuits inside. So it was no surprise that she chose to pursue a degree in engineering and recently spent 10 weeks at Oak Ridge National Laboratory as an intern contributing to research related to sodium-ion batteries in the lab’s Chemical Sciences Division.

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A male undergraduate student performs computer modeling and simulation during a research participation program internship at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

STEM Career Resources

Are you are an undergraduate, graduate student or postdoc looking for early-career, professional development opportunities? Find information on how to submit a successful application, how to apply for research funding, where to find career fairs, and more!

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