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What's Happening at ORISE

  • Teachers! Win cool classroom technology in our July educator competition

    During the month of July, ORISE is asking teachers to submit a digital resource with a lesson or activity plan to go with it. The digital resource could be a video of a lab or experiment, creative video, virtual breakout, or anything that you have developed to teach online!

  • 3D printing a solution - ORISE K-12 group supports health care workers fighting COVID-19

    ORISE K-12 team members set out to help health care workers suffering from the discomforts of N95 masks. Using a template found on the internet, the team used 3D printers to produce ear guards to prevent the elastic bands on masks from rubbing health care workers’ ears raw.

  • Resources for current and future ORISE participants

    Are you are an undergraduate, graduate student or postdoc looking for early-career, professional development opportunities? With the right strategy, you can also find, apply to, and land the perfect research experience. Find information on how to submit a successful application, how to apply for research funding, what STEM careers are in high demand, where to find career fairs, and more!

  • Peer reviewer accessing Peernet with a mobile device

    Feature Story

    Peer Review team overcomes COVID-19 with virtual meetings

    In an average fiscal year, the ORISE Peer Review team manages more than 200 meetings across the country, with over half of those meetings held in person. But, by March of 2020, managers knew that the onset of COVID-19 would require an immediate shift of plans, changing the outlook of the year ahead.

  • Connect with ORISE… on the GO!

    ORISE GO logoThe all-new ORISE GO mobile app helps you stay engaged, connected and informed during your ORISE experience and beyond! Use ORISE GO to search and apply for opportunities, learn about exclusive ORISE events, manage applications, accept offers, and more! Visit the ORISE GO page for more info on how to download the app to your mobile device.