Eureka! Inquiry-based lesson plan competition

Teachers! It's time for a NEW lesson plan competition! Submit an original math or science lesson plan that incorporates inquiry based learning in the classroom for the chance to win up to $1,500! See application and prize details.

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Preparing to launch: REAC/TS supports NASA in Mars 2020 mission

REAC/TS, an asset of the U.S. Department of Energy and the National Nuclear Security Administration, is providing training and consultation for medical responders and emergency planners near Kennedy Space Center this year in preparation for NASA's Mars 2020 rover launch.

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What's it like to be an ORISE researcher?

When Tori Bischoff was born, she did not have complete functionality of the muscles in her eyes. For the first seven years of her life, she struggled to see and eventually underwent surgery to correct her eyesight. After this experience, she vowed to pursue a career that allowed her to positively impact the lives of others, just as the surgeon had impacted hers. As an ORISE research participant at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Bischoff contributed to research aimed at understanding how microorganisms produce methylmercury in the environment.

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ORISE provides 10 years of independent verification support to DOE-SPRU cleanup

Since 2009, ORISE has supported the U.S. Department of Energy’s cleanup and decommissioning project at its Separations Process Research Unit (SPRU). June 2019 marked a significant milestone in the project with the completion of verification field activities of the remaining soils and structures at SPRU, making it one step closer to ending one of ORISE’s longest running verification projects.

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Researcher spotlight: Julita Inca Chiroque

An interest in high performance computing led Julita Inca Chiroque to Oak Ridge National Laboratory, where she participated in the Advanced Short-Term Research Opportunity (ASTRO) Program. During her time at ORNL, she contributed to a project that sought to connect different computing systems with one authentication process.

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A male undergraduate student conducts a laboratory experiment during a research participation program internship at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

STEM Career Resources

Are you are an undergraduate, graduate student or postdoc looking for early-career, professional development opportunities? Find information on how to submit a successful application, how to apply for research funding, where to find career fairs, and more!

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