Environmental Stewardship ORISE's recycling program follows the ISO 14001 environmental management system

Environmental stewardship is fundamental to the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education and its commitment that all programmatic and business functions will operate in a way that is both safe and environmentally sustainable. The ORISE environmental management program ensures we recognize our impact on the environment while making sound environmental decisions that exceed the expectations outlined in the contract with the U.S. Department of Energy

We recycle more than we send to the landfill!

ORISE is committed to conducting its operations in a safe and environmentally sustainable manner and in accordance with all applicable national, state and local environmental protection regulations. Also, ORISE is also committed to incorporating client environmental contractual obligations and goals into the daily conduct of business. In order to accomplish this, ORAU conducts all operations in accordance with an ISO 14001 registered environmental management system, which it first achieved in 2005 and has maintained for more than 15 years.

We strive every day to not only minimize the negative environmental impacts of our operations, but also to maximize the potential environmental benefits and opportunities we can provide to our employees, communities and the environment. ORISE is committed to waste minimization and pollution prevention as our primary strategies for environmental protection and sustainability. We place a high value on the procurement of environmentally sustainable and/or preferable products and services, and ORISE has won multiple awards for its purchasing practices. 

Recycling plays a significant part in environmental management, and ORISE operates a large-scale program for both recycling used consumables and buying products made from recycled materials. These efforts have been so successful that the net weight of ORISE’s recyclables exceeds the weight of its landfill waste. So, we recycle more than we throw away!

2023 Recycling Totals

Materials Weight (lbs.)
Paper 65,849
Technotrash (including metals like steel, lead, and copper) 77,908
Batteries 2,213
Aluminum and tin 514
Cardboard 16,135
Office furniture 32,043
Total 194,662