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ORISE STEM internships and fellowships prepare the next generation of researchers, scientists and engineers

ORISE connects the most talented and diverse college students, recent graduates, postdocs, and faculty to STEM internship and fellowship programs closely aligned with the interests of a variety of research facilities, including those managed for the U.S. Department of Energy and other federal agencies. These STEM internship and fellowship programs are key to the recruitment and preparation of the next generation of our nation’s scientific workforce.

Browse paid STEM internships, fellowships, and research opportunities at national laboratories and government agencies across the United States

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Find opportunities via Zintellect, a searchable database of research and non-research internships and fellowships administered by ORISE. Opportunities listed on Zintellect aim to strengthen the scientific and technical workforce in areas of science, transfer knowledge and technology to the academic community, and support to the national commitment to science education.

You can also identify a program or experience that best suits your needs by choosing the classification below that matches your current academic status:

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