Quality ORISE strives for quality and excellence in every task

Quality is the degree to which an item, service, or process meets the user’s requirements and expectations. Quality requires constant attention. At the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education, it is everyone’s responsibility and our people are the first line of offense and the last line of defense in delivering quality products and services, meeting expectations, and exploring continuous improvement opportunities. 

ORISE strives for quality and excellence in every task it undertakes. Management constantly evaluates its plans, processes and procedures to identify potential gaps, as well as opportunities for improvement. This focus enables ORISE to improve its efficiency, effectiveness and overall responsiveness to meeting the needs of DOE and other government agencies across the country.  

ORISE operates under a quality management system (QMS) that complies with the ISO 9001:2015 standard. The QMS is a quality assurance and process improvement resource for ORISE operations. Implemented by ORAU, the managing contractor of ORISE for DOE, the QMS guides ORISE operations through: 

  • collection of feedback and lessons learned to improve products, services and processes;
  • prevention or minimization of quality problems;
  • correction of problems that occur; and
  • use of performance measures that identify strengths and weaknesses.