Contracting through ORISE

The Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education maintains specialized capabilities in five core areas—workforce developmentpeer reviewhealth surveillance and protectionradiation emergency medicine and environmental assessments. DOE program offices and national laboratories may contract with ORISE with appropriate authorization, and opportunities also exist for non-DOE entities and subcontracting.

With the appropriate authorization from the DOE Contracting Officer, ORISE can receive funds directly from the U.S. Department of Energy’s program offices to perform science education and research activities. Funding directly from DOE headquarters is pre-allocated in the funds distribution system for obligation to ORISE by the DOE Consolidated Service Center. The funding must be accompanied by a work authorization from the DOE headquarters program office to detail the scope of work to be performed. Questions concerning the flow of funding from DOE headquarters to ORISE may be submitted to

ORISE also can receive funds from other DOE contractors and field offices via Memorandum Purchase Orders (MPOs) or Inter-entity Work Orders (IWOs). These orders are used to expedite specialized services between two or more DOE major facilities contractors. MPOs are for those transactions $1 million or less and are authorized by the performing contractor. IWOs are for those purchases that are greater than $1 million. IWOs are signed by the requesting DOE contractor’s or field office’s contracting officer prior to submission. Upon receipt of an IWO, the contracting officer for the performing contractor must provide authorizing signature prior to work being performed. Questions concerning the flow of funding to ORISE from other DOE contractors may be submitted to

The DOE Strategic Partnership Projects (SPP) program allows the performance of work for non-DOE entities when the work is not directly funded by DOE. It also provides for the use of DOE facilities for such work. 

The objectives of the SPP program are: 

  • To provide assistance to other Federal agencies and non-Federal entities in accomplishing goals that may otherwise be unattainable and to avoid the possible duplication of effort at federal facilities.
  • To provide non-DOE entities access to highly specialized or unique DOE facilities, services or technical expertise when private sector facilities are inadequate.
  • To increase research and development interaction between DOE facilities and industry that will transfer technology originating in DOE facilities to industry for further development or commercialization.
  • To maintain core competencies and enhance the science and technology base at DOE facilities. 

All SPP work:

  • Must be consistent with or complementary to missions of DOE and ORISE;
  • Will not adversely impact DOE programs assigned to ORISE;
  • Will not place DOE or ORISE in direct competition with the domestic private sector;
  • Will not create a detrimental future burden on DOE resources. 

Contact the ORISE Funding Office if you have additional questions.

The ORAU Procurement and Partnerships department acquires and contracts equipment, services and realty requirements that support the ORISE contract. If you are a supplier of products and services that may be of benefit to our operations or facilities, please contact ORAU Procurement and Partnerships if you have additional questions. 


The mission of the department is to advance performance objectives through quality and timely procurement and contract administration services while maintaining the utmost integrity in fulfilling the diverse needs of the organization.

Small business commitment

ORAU is committed to supporting the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science mission and strengthening the national economy, by providing subcontracting opportunities, outreach, and technical assistance to small businesses; consistent with federal Small Business policies. This includes small businesses, small disadvantaged businesses, women-owned small businesses, HUBZone small businesses, and veterans and service-disabled veterans who own and operate small businesses. 

The ORAU Small Business Program Office is commissioned with ensuring ORAU’s commitment to Small Business and administering the DOE-approved Mentor-Protégé Program.

Mentor-Protégé Program

ORAU manages a DOE-approved Mentor-Protégé Program, and seeks to establish meaningful mentoring relationships with eligible small businesses. The Mentor-Protégé Program is designed to encourage approved mentors to provide various forms of technical assistance to eligible protégé participants.

The mission of the ORAU mentor-protégé relationship is to enhance the capabilities of the protégés and to improve their ability to successfully compete for federal contracts. While subcontracting opportunities can be a benefit to a protégé firm, ORAU is not under any obligation to award subcontracts to protégé firms. 

Contact ORAU Procurement and Partnerships if you have additional questions.

Program/Site Office Name: Office of Science
Type of Acquisition: Live Streaming Services
Acquisition Description: On-site live streaming services for summer program(s)
Type of Action: Small Business Set-Aside | NAICS Code: 516210 (Internet Broadcasting)
Estimated Dollar Range: $15K-$20K
RFP Release Date: FY 2024
Contact Info: Angela Hawn

Program/Site Office Name: Office of Science
Type of Acquisition: Photography
Acquisition Description: Photography services for public events in Washington, D.C. area
Type of Action: Small Business Set-Aside | NAICS Code: 541922 (Commercial Photography)
Estimated Dollar Range: $50K-$100K
RFP Release Date: FY 2024
Contact Info: Angela Hawn

Program/Site Office Name: Office of Science
Type of Acquisition: Transportation Services
Acquisition Description: Transportation for participants and teachers to various destinations within the Washington, D.C. area
Type of Action: Small Business Set-Aside | NAICS Code: 485510 (Charter Bus Services)
Estimated Dollar Range: $100K-$200K
RFP Release Date: TBD
Contact Info: Angela Hawn

Program/Site Office Name: Office of Science
Type of Acquisition: Technical Assistance Services
Acquisition Description: Professional Services for a Quality Assurance subject matter expert
Type of Action: Small Business Set-Aside | NAICS Code: 541511 (Customer Computer Programming Services)
Estimated Dollar Range: TBD
Anticipated Award Fiscal Year: FY 2024 
Contact Info: Angela Hawn

Male student researcher conducting experiment in laboratory

Information for STEM RPP sponsors

Federal agencies interested in becoming a DOE strategic partner for research participation programs (RPP) can do so through DOE’s Strategic Partnership Projects (SPP) program. RPP provides ORISE participants with an opportunity to receive hands-on experience that complements their educational and professional background, and helps the participant gain knowledge in areas related to the mission of the sponsoring agency. Visit the SPP Sponsor Information page to learn how to establish an RPP as a DOE strategic partner.