Frequently Asked Questions for Hosting Facilities

1. How do I register for an intern?

Utilize this link to register: EERE Robotics Internship Program Corporate Host Registration.

2. How many interns can I request in my registration?

You may register several projects and one or more interns per project or intern assignment.

3. Will I be able to select for all the interns that I request in my registration?

It is not possible at this time to determine how many interns any one project or company may receive. The requests will be granted based on the number of registration requests received and the amount of funding available. Priority will be given to companies who register by February 20, 2017.

4. How many interns will EERE fund this summer (2017)?

Funding is available for approximately 30 interns.

5. How will I select an intern?

Once we notify you that you are eligible to receive one or more interns, the mentor or company representative will register as a mentor on Once your mentor registration is approved, you will be able to access the applications of all candidates for review. The candidates can be for sorted by a number of variables to save time and effort. Assistance for Zintellect is available Monday-Friday.

6. Can I interview or talk to a potential candidate before making a decision?

Yes. The application has the candidate’s contact information. You may contact the applicant to determine if the individual is a good fit for your organization.

7. Once I make a selection, how do I notify you or the candidate?

You will be provided with a selection form to complete and send to us. Once ORISE receives the selection form, a notice will be placed by the applicant’s name in Zintellect that an offer has been made. ORISE will send an official appointment notification to the selected individual. Once the applicant has officially notified us that the appointment is being accepted, the application in Zintellect will be marked selected and will no longer be available for other companies to view. 

8. If the selected applicant is not local, how is travel arranged?

The selected applicant, now intern, will be provided information on how to arrange and be reimbursed for inbound-outbound travel by ORAU travel services group. ORAU will handle all travel.

9. What about housing for a non-local intern?

Interns will receive $150 per week for a housing allowance in addition to their stipend. It will be the intern’s responsibility to arrange housing. We will provide information on housing resource sites that we have. You may also want to assist the intern with local recommendations.

10. When will the intern receive a stipend payment?

Stipend payments are made every two weeks. The intern should anticipate covering their expenses for the 30 days of the appointment. The first stipend payment is usually received two to three weeks after the intern starts an appointment, based on when within the payment cycle the intern starts the appointment.

11. What are the hosting facility's responsibilities as a hosting facility for one or more interns?

The hosting facility is responsible to provide each intern with a viable, productive experience, including any project assignments and good mentorship. Specific information will be sent once an intern is selected. Additional information for mentors and mentor responsibilities can be found on the Mentors page.

12. Is there an advertising advantage for my company to participate?

All companies who participate will be highlighted on the website with logos and links to your company website. We will assist with press releases to highlight your intern and the contributions of your company. We also do profiles on select interns that will be posted on our website with links to your company website.

13. If I receive an intern funded by EERE this summer, am I obligated to provide funding for an intern next summer?

No, we understand circumstances change from year to year for companies. However, the hope is that this will continue to be a cost-effective way to identify and offer opportunities to the best and most innovative students and to promote your company.

14. If I have additional questions, who do I contact?

Ryan Smith, Program Manager
Phone: 865-574-3846
Fax: 865-576-4197

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