Guiding the next generation of scientists and engineers

Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) research participation programs depend upon mentoring leadership and guidance from the host facility. This is because a strong scientific mentoring system fosters an environment where young scientists and engineers succeed—and the research programs in which they serve are thus strengthened. Whether you’re a first-time mentor or a seasoned advisor, ORISE has resources that can help provide new insights to your mentoring process.

Mentor Training
If you are asking yourself questions such as, “how will I know if my project will make for a good mentoring experience,” or “what is involved with hosting a participant,” then ORISE can help provide answers. In addition to an online mentor-training program, ORISE helps develop the mentoring skills that translate into successful, professional relationships.

Mentor Tips
As a mentor, you are the foundation of a successful participation program, and we commend you for undertaking this important role. By hosting individuals, you contribute to the education and training of the next generation of scientists, and help advance the mission of DOE. ORISE mentoring tips will help you understand mentor responsibilities, research participation-program restrictions and other important guidelines.

Meet a Mentor
View profiles and video interviews to see how mentors serve as critical linkages for connecting ORISE students, recent graduates and faculty to world-class research facilities, where they can address some of our nation’s biggest scientific problems.

ORISE mentoring opportunities are accessible through Zintellect, an automated system that provides a single point of access for managing applications and recommending candidates.


Mentor Spotlight

Natalie Pekney, Ph.D., a research environmental engineer at NETL in Pittsburgh, Penn., is a past ORISE postdoc who now serves as a mentor to other ORISE participants that conduct research on local and regional air quality impacts of oil and natural gas development. Dr. Pekney says, “My favorite aspect of being a mentor is watching my ORISE fellows gain confidence and skills such that when it’s time for them to move on to the next phase of their careers, they are well-poised for success. I love knowing that I played a role in that!”