Tips on how to recruit the next generation of STEM employees

Recruiters at the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) believe that by establishing and supporting a community of practice for attracting the best and brightest research participants, our federal agency sponsors—and the nation as a whole—will benefit greatly from the talent that is cultivated.

Each year, ORISE places more than 7,000 participants in internships and post-graduate research programs across the country. And with more than 70 years of experience, our recruiters have the information and experiences that can help other professionals advance their practice.

How to Increase Your ROI During STEM Recruiting Events
Whether you’re looking for information on how to draft effective research participation program postings, how to plan for an upcoming recruiting conference, or need to identify how to recruit a more diverse candidate pool, ORISE can help.  

Communication Strategies to Find the Best Candidates
Ever wonder how to make your recruiting events more effective, how to ramp up your recruiting efforts with social media, or the best approach for evaluating and selecting candidates? 

How to Evaluate your Recruiting Strategy
Learn how to make all your recruitment and placement data work harder for you by strengthening your planning, recruitment tactics and quality of candidates.

Meet our Recruiters 
To learn more about the experts behind ORISE’s STEM recruiting resources, read short bios on each of our recruiters.