Identifying and successfully recruiting high-quality students and recent graduates is the centerpiece of any workforce development program. From traditional recruitment strategies to the more complex, niche recruitment activities needed to attract specific scientific talent, Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) lead recruiters excel in the recruitment of a diverse and qualified pool of applicants. Through well-developed networks that span the United States and abroad, we attract thousands of applicants each year for federally funded national programs. 

Our success would not be possible without the creative and tireless efforts of our core recruitment project managers. Meet some of them below and see what tips they have for both recruiters and students alike!

Jennifer Casey

Jennifer Casey

Jennifer is an Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) project manager located in Oak Ridge, Tenn. Previous to her project management career, she was a chemistry teacher and a NASA STEM teacher liaison for the State of Tennessee. Jennifer has a background in anthropology, administration, science education development, group travel planning and recruitment. As an ORISE project manager, Jennifer administers appointments for various U.S. Department of Energy programs for the National Energy Technology Laboratory, the Oak Ridge Environmental Management Office and the Mickey Leland Energy Fellowship Program.

Jennifer’s top tip for recruiters: Invest time in developing relationships with multiple university placement offices. A few days before a career fair, send out a digital copy of your program brochure to the career services office and ask if they can set up a time for you to meet with students in your area of interest before or after the career fair. Students actively use their career services to look for internships and employment.

Jennifer’s top tip for students: Federal employers have different application and resume requirements than private companies. Did you know that a resume for federal employment should include as much information as possible? A multiple page resume is typical for Federal employment, but a one page resume is typical for a private company.

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Michelle Goodson

Michelle Goodson

Michelle Goodson is an Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education section manager located in Oak Ridge, Tenn. In her role, Michelle leads the recruitment and human resources team who support a number of Scientific Assessment and Workforce Development missions. Michelle is an integral member of numerous teams that oversee project management, talent management and retention, and process improvements. Michelle is an expert on full-cycle recruitment, metrics, and application development and she is a senior certified professional of the Society for Human Resource Management.

Michelle’s top tip for recruiters: Make contact with advisors, career services representatives and undergraduate research offices. Be sure to close the loop by saying thank you for a direct referral that led to a completed application or selection. This helps the university contact know that his/her time is well spent and that you acted on his/her recommendation.

Michelle’s top tip for students: Be authentic! Present the real you in all aspects of the recruiting process. Review the opportunity description and tailor your application responses to show how you fit the position through your unique skills, talents, education, training and passion. Make the connection so clear that the recruiter cannot help but think you are a superb match!

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Amanda Hurley

Amanda Hurley

Amanda is an Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) project manager located in Oak Ridge, Tenn. Previously, she worked for, where she recruited top talent, managed various projects and developed retention strategies for companies across the U.S. Hurley has a background in recruitment, marketing, sales and organizational communication. As an ORISE project manager, she recruits for and manages the relationship with the Environmental Protection Agency’s Research and Development Office. She is the subject matter expert for recruiting trends and technology.

Amanda’s top tip for recruiters: Be social! Social media is the fasting growing source for research participation program candidates. Don’t believe me? Go to Twitter and search #HireMe. Candidates are looking for you and your organization on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Open the door and let them in so they can picture themselves at your organization. Plus, if you need to fill a position quick, the most immediate responses comes from social sourcing.

Amanda’s top tip for students: Proofread your resume and then proofread it again, and then have someone else proofread it. Errors and typos are not ok on something that becomes an organization’s first impression of you.

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Mike Janney

Mike Janney

Mike is a recruiter for the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education located in Belcamp, Maryland, and recruits qualified applicants across highly specialized disciplines for the U.S. Department of Defense research programs such as the Army Public Health Command, Air Force Research Lab, Air Force Institute of Technology and Army Corps of Engineers. His area of expertise is in developing recruitment strategies to build a talented diverse candidate pool in support of client recruiting initiatives through the use of in-person presentations, electronic and print media, and through his extensive network in industry and academia.

Mike’s top tip for recruiters: Continue to develop relationships with faculty and career service personnel. This will improve the accessibility to students and recent graduates for educational research opportunities.

Mike’s top tip for students: Utilize your career service office for resumes reviews, interview tips and access to actively hiring organizations.

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Kim Myers

Kim Myers

Kim is a recruiting and marketing manager for the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education located in Belcamp, Maryland. Previous to her project management career, she was an administrative manager at Johns Hopkins University. Kim has over 30 years of experience in program management and recruiting of candidates in science, engineering, and technology disciplines for various Department of Defense installations world-wide. She has an established network of recruitment sources and has developed marketing materials and displays for the diverse missions of her customers. Her professional strengths include life-cycle recruitment, auditing, proposal and grant writing, marketing, desktop publishing, networking, event planning, and customer relationship management.

Kim’s top tip for recruiters: Constantly seek new avenues/sources for recruitment, while continuing to keep/use old sources/practices. In other words, never get comfortable, but don’t forget what helped you in the past.

Kim’s top tip for students: Persistence is the key, if you are truly interested in the opportunity continue to follow-up, while continuing to develop your skills and expanding your knowledge through education and other sources.

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Kim Myers

Sharon Rice

Sharon is a recruitment specialist for the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education located in Belcamp, Maryland. In this role she supports recruitment efforts including marketing, advertising and social media for the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, U.S Army Environmental Command and the Department of Public Works. Sharon is currently pursuing a master’s in business administration. She previously worked in the academic and non-profit sectors.

Sharon’s top tip for recruiters: Since 'job seekers' spend the majority of their time online, social media is a great way to leverage candidates. You can target your audience by posting opportunities on your social media platforms. If your audience does not identify with the opportunity, providing a link could encourage them to share the announcement with someone else who could potentially be a better fit.

Sharon’s top tip for students: Get out and network! Make sure to get involved in industry events in your area... attend career fairs and conferences, join professional associations, there you can meet with recruiters and build connections with professionals in the industry.

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