Finding the right applicant

Even the best made plans need careful execution in order to be successful. You may know how you are going to promote your internship and fellowship programs, but do you know who to contact in order to get the best results? Have you identified your target audience and the best ways to reach them? Where should you post your opportunities so that the most potential applicants see them? Which social media tools are the most effective? The Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) can help you find the answers to these questions.

Fellowships Advisors
Who are Fellowships Advisors? This Q&A will give you the rundown on what Fellowships Advisors do and how they can help you reach the right applicants.

Data-based Marketing for Recruiters
Have you ever wondered if you were employing the right methods to reach your target audience? Here are five ideas that are sure to get you more applicants.