Resources for designing a recruitment strategy

The importance of recruitment planning cannot be underestimated for identifying needs, scheduling activities, and determining how applicants will be managed during the entire recruitment process. That’s because a recruitment program that is well-planned in advance of project execution not only creates a more positive experience for both program sponsors and applicants, but doing so also allows for a more effective analysis during project close out.

Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) recruiting project managers share their expertise in the resources below. Whether you’re looking for information on how to draft effective research participation program postings, how to plan for an upcoming recruiting conference, or need to identify how to recruit a more diverse candidate pool, ORISE can help.  

Preparing for a Recruiting Event
Planning to exhibit at a recruiting event can sometimes be overwhelming, but ORISE illustrates how to make the best use of your time leading up to the big event.  

Booth Etiquette
Before heading to your next recruiting event, learn the dos and don’ts of proper booth etiquette.

Optimize Your Research Participation Program Postings
When posting a research participation program opportunity, there is only one thing recruiters should worry about—what potential candidates are thinking. This top-ten list will get you in the right mindset for attracting the best participants.