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How to Apply

Applications are accepted throughout the year. Be sure to visit the list of Open Projects by Laboratory:


CLICK HERE TO APPLYOnly ONE application is needed for all projects and programs.  Please have the items listed below readily available for upload in the on-line application system.

  1. RESUME - please list all papers, presentations, or publications you may have authored or co-authored.  Include a any reprints or abstracts if they are available.
  2. CERTIFICATION OF SALARY - Faculty Applicants Only 
  3. TRANSCRIPTS - Include a copy for all schools attended. Original student copies are acceptable.  Students, Postgraduates and Certificate Applicants Only 
  4. REFERENCES - You will receive an email containing a link to forward to persons familiar with your educational and/or professional qualifications.  Please include your Academic Adviser (if applicable), and current/prior Employers.  Personal References Are NOT Acceptable

Please remember to save your USER NAME and PASSWORD so you can access your account to make changes/updates to your application; or to apply to future projects.

The complete application and supporting materials will be forwarded to Program Officials for review. Incomplete applications may not be considered.